Plymouth Auto Transport was founded in 2011 by Army veteran and Transport for Troops cofounder, William Morden. Since then, Plymouth has served thousands of military families and provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in discounts to those service members.

In 2013, fellow Army veteran and Transport for Troops cofounder, Mike Feuerhelm, collaborated with Plymouth to provide our first free shipment for a Marine. From that move, conversations began between Mike and Will to create a service whose aim would be to alleviate the out-of-pocket burden imposed on service members during their transition between duty stations or out of service.

In 2016, Transport for Troops was founded, and Plymouth served as the sole sponsor of their shipments. Plymouth has donated $50 to Transport for Troops for every vehicle shipped, and our commitment to provide a comprehensive, transparent, and competitive service remains strong.

Thank you for your service!



Leading the way, in every way.

The United Road Family of Companies is the industry leader in providing vehicle and heavy-haul transportation services, shipping over 4 million units annually throughout the United States and Canada through our affiliated companies (collectively, “United Road”):

URS Midwest, Inc. (interstate carrier)
United Road Logistics, LLC (broker of property)

Our best-in-class technology and unparalleled service make vehicle transport logistics seamless, smart, and simple.

Founded in 1997, United Road offers unparalleled service to significant automakers, manufacturers, remarketers, financial institutions, leasing companies, auctioneers, dealers, retail, and single individuals. Led by a team of industry leaders and experts from across auto transport, supply chain and logistics, United Road goes the extra mile to ensure customer safety, satisfaction and solutions. Our car haulers are extensively vetted and we provide the highest insurance standards, as well as supplying industry intel to fuel our customers’ growth.

With a long, successful history in the auto transport and logistics industry, United Road knows what it takes to deliver and is relentless in its pursuit of excellence for its customers.

United Road has served as Transport for Troops sole provider of free POV shipping services since 2022, and we are proud to support the military and veteran communities.

With Transport for Troops' "Do-It-Yourself / DITY" tool, service members can save hundreds of dollars on personally procured vehicle shipment services through our network of patriotic partners. With DITY, you can post your vehicle(s) directly to the same marketplace all companies in the industry use to move vehicles across the nation.

We recommend setting a budget equal to $0.58/mile based on the average cost to ship a vehicle within CONUS in 2023. However, you are empowered to set your own budget to see if there are any possibilities to save money or if you would rather be more competitive. Keep in mind that shipping a POV is a very competitive process where you are vying for limited truck space with other shippers on your route. The stronger your offer, the better chance you will be picked up.

Transport for Troops' partners vet each interested carrier by checking DOT safety and performance metrics to ensure your shipment is entrusted to a carrier in the upper half of those in the industry. There's no charge to start, and someone from our team will contact you with results usually within 48 hours of your first available pick up date.
Pilot Flying J is committed to connecting people and places with comfort, care, and a smile at every stop. As the largest network of travel centers in North America, Pilot Flying J has over 750 locations in 44 states and six Canadian provinces. Pilot Flying J is part of Pilot Company’s family of brands. Founded in 1958 by Jim A. Haslam II and currently led by CEO Adam Wright, Pilot Company is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee and employs more than 30,000 team members.

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to fueling life's journeys and helping our people thrive – whether that is serving motorists and professional drivers, delivering fuel, giving back to our communities, or supporting a team member's career aspirations. We strive to fulfill this mission with intent to make a better day for our team members and guests.

Giving Back

From the beginning, our founder instilled a spirit of community and philanthropy into our company. It is our privilege to give back by supporting causes that are important to our business and communities we serve. We encourage our team members to be active in their communities, whether that is volunteering or being there to serve first responders after a natural disaster.




Becoming a Partner with Transport for Troops, or volunteering your time and treasure is to become a member of our convoy.

Our Convoy Members are necessary to accomplishing our primary mission of providing financial aid and counsel to military families in transition between duty stations. Convoy Membership is divided into Head, Main Body, and Support elements.

Head Members are individuals and organizations that provide the top 10% of our funding. These members have been critically important in establishing Transport for Troops and maintaining our mission. Main Body Members are those that provide the bulk of our financial support and visibility among their community of peers and clients. Support Members are mostly individuals and small businesses that understand even the smallest amount of help can have a massive and lasting impact.

A large portion of our Support Members are active duty service members paying forward the benefit to others in uniform. Their example is inspirational to Transport for Troops as we drive forward together.
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  • This is our family's fifth move over seven years in the military. Despite the military assistance with moving, between uprooting kids and my wife having to hunt for a new job we always end up financially challenged during a move. Getting two cars from one coast to the other is an expensive and stressful undertaking. The assistance provided by Transport for Troops helps to simplify one of the costly moving pieces of the puzzle, and lets all of us travel in the same car for the nearly 3000 mile road trip. Every penny counts with two babies and the money saved on gas and vehicle transport costs means we can comfortably have bottles of milk and lots of spare diapers on this road trip. Thanks for the support, it makes a difference.
  • The year of 2022 could have been better. I turned 22 on the 18th of August. Not even a few days later I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. From there the medical conditions followed. Lip reconstructive surgery, The mental battle began, this is my first time being millions of miles away from battles and family. Not only does this grant help me financially, but honestly it helps me mentally. One of the many things people do not realize is the mental impact PCSing has on you, whether it’s due to finances, children’s well-being, FMP ECT! For me it was having a helping hand with everything being last minute. In the military a lot of things are last minute and after it is all said and done you think about who was there to help you complete and knock out those last minute tasks!

    Not only that without Transport for Troops it would have put me in a real situation financially. I would have either entered into a lease and drove 46 hours or I would had to have sold my car and due to dealerships, I would have to pay an additional lump sum of money out of my pocket while still needing a vehicle.
  • No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another

    -Charles Dickens

    Thank you to Transport for Troops and sponsors who freely and generously gave so our burden of transporting our vehicle could be lightened. Your support not only gave us peace of mind but peace in our hearts. And that peace has proven to be priceless! May God Bless your every effort and endeavor in this much needed marketplace ministry.
  • We are new to the military family. We currently live in Maryland and are doing our first PCS move to Seattle, Washington. We were not prepared for this move and were looking for assistance to transport our vehicle. Transport for Troops has helped us so far in the process of moving our vehicle by allowing us to apply for a fuel card grant. We are excited for our new Journey!
  • Thank you for your kindness. My wife (USAF Veteran) and I only had a few short months to get this trip planned. Between outprocessing from my unit, finding housing in our new location, college, and work, we were stressed out of our minds. Lingering over that was the thought that we either would have to pay out of pocket to ship one of our cars, or make the 26-hour drive with two vehicles through negative degree weather with snow and ice all over the roads. This takes a huge weight off of our shoulders and is immensely appreciated. This charity does good work and I hope it grows in order to help more military members in need in the future. PCSing can be very difficult and costly. It's good to know there are people out there willing to help.
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